Dec 1, 2012

Hacking and Scamming on domains market

Some of the more experienced domainers always warned: the domainers who practice auction fraud are wasting time and money to sellers but they also lose their own time and without the intelligence that characterizes them, also lose time and money. It's always the big corporations with tighter security filters that stand to gain because those little crooks can not even be accepted. Both parties in an auction must have transparency, trust and honesty.

Recently (with FlippingHut) ourselves were victims of fraud and fake bidders when we put some of our domains at auction.

Despite our protests and criticism about their attitude, not only took the side of the offender, as opted to offend us using terms like "f .... yu" when we just tried merely to know the steps to follow to get the money gained with the auction they themselves emailed us WE WON.

The scammers and false bidders are everywhere in real life and now also on the Internet.

Despite our protests and criticisms about your attitude, not only took the side of the offender, as opted to offend us using terms like "f .... yu" when just tried merely to know the steps to follow to get the money gained with the auction they themselves told us we won.

The scammers and false bidders are everywhere in real life and now also on the Internet.
As in the movie "High Noon" with Gary Cooper, users and even some experienced domainers tend to pretend that nothing serious is going on, relying only on their own earnings, as if everything ended well with a happy ending.

To be continued...

Flipping or not flipping, the hut is the question

On the last Aug. 26, we publish a post promoting FlippingHut, a auctions web site. In that posting i placed a logo from them and wrote:

" is a New Auction website very similiar to except it is FREE! It's a community of Buyers and Sellers who want the community to suggest features and implement them. Flipping hut is trying to be the best marketplace for the cheapest fees around!"

Following the promotion made ​​by this website on Facebook, we got a promotional offer of some credits for investing in new auctions, which we did. To our surprise and in a few days one of our auctions won with a winning bid of $ 1000, which as usual in all auctions, did end the auction itself.
To our complete surprise however and after several times to write the winner, did not get any response. Anyone who has had this experience knows that the seller is that it provide data on the transfer of the domain but it is up to the buyer to pay for the auction, what did not. He/she never replied.

As we did not get any response tried to know from the respective website, what steps should we take to get the value of the auction already ended once the winner made ​​a bid on BIN.
To our astonishment FlippingHut replied that he had nothing to do with the auction and with the fact we have not had any response since they do not charge any commission. After several reminders and our criticism, we obtained the following response:

"Dude what do not you get!? I do not know the fucking buyer!You send me one more fuxking email and I'll ban you and remove peminately

You're a fucking moron 
You're banned from this group and my site you stupid idiot your domains are pieces of shit the guy probably does not want your pos site. "

Our response, more poetic and symbolic than offensive, was as follows:

"Mr Jokom (this is the username used by the "winner"):
somebody cut the top of your head and let the demons come out. Your resistance to the truth was clearly demonstrated. Cancel my auctions and your bids. Finish the service before the new members stay alert.

I apologize to readers of this site and mainly those that read the post where we recommended FlippingHut. Yes, do not place your domains at auction in there (according their own words) before to check the feedback of the buyer or the seller. As the new members or those that do not receive feedback, have no feedback, you know what to do. If you don´t do you risk of wasting your time and lose your money. 

Nov 21, 2012

List your domains with us - No fees.

We got a new domainer on our web site. We welcome Ivalina Bristol to Domains International web site. This is one more domainer that chosen to list her domains on a special webpage we had the pleasure to built for her domains.

Our rules are very simple and no fees are required. You list your domains, we make the hard job of building a special web page (with photos, videos, advertising, etc.), we promote the webpage on social media and that´s it. You just need to pay us 5% of comission for each domain sold (not before the transaction but after that). We act like an escrow service, the buyer pay first then the seller need to transfer the domain. If the domain it is not transferred to the buyer the money is turning back to his/her hands. No fake purchases are admitted.

From here we are inviting to other domainers to get more visibility listing their domains into our web site. They just need to send us an email to with a list of domains (up to 50), brand name or username on domainers area, banner or logo, at least a personal photo (if available) and of course the prices for each domain and the email.

Thank you for your visit.

To see the webpage of Ivalina Bristol, please click on the banner below.

Banner Domains International

Nov 16, 2012

Sober or druken or drugged, how do you like to have sex?

Are you a drug addicted? Are you an alcoholic addicted?

Maybe you don´t know but if you are of a kind you can´t be a serious sex "macho" with your partner. Maybe she says "yes, i like it, i love it" but she really don´liked it. Her orgasms are fake. Are like the actresses do. Well, Meg Ryan did well better (the most famous simulated orgasm we never seen on movies before).

After the sell of we have another adult domains for sale. Clik the banner below to go to the adults area (well, not explicit adults, put your censor plans out and see for yourself).

Banner Domains International sold

Our domain is sold. We at Domains International  deeply wish good luck to the new owner!

If you want to create your own web site, the best thing is to give the first step and buy a domain that match better with your business or personal interests (hobbies, favorite sports, collectibles and so on). If you want to give that step click the banner below. One of the pages we recommend to visit is "Domains for sale" that you can click at the menu at the top. Then you will see some of the category (or business area) of domains.

Banner Domains International

Nov 12, 2012

Lisf of domains for sale - Bargain prices

Today we decided to sell dozens of domains at bargain prices (since $25 to $100), most of them with evaluations of thousand dollars. This sale is only happen on Facebook in different groups and at our Facebook page
The offer must be placed on comments and the payment is through PayPal on the same day of the purchase (transfers of the domains will be immediate after payment done).

Some that are with us for so long are questioning the reason why we are selling those domains (mostly premium and very valued) for such prices. Well, recently a neurologist declared my wife Ana (and one of tha meain assistants on Domains International) with the first symptoms of Alzheimer. You can imagine how we felt this medical information and how we live with this nightmare that recently killed her mother. You can imagine the money we need to spend on medication and treatments some of them costing more than $60 each.

If you are interested to see the entire list of domains, please go to that Facebook page and see ths posting i placed just a few minutes ago.

Banner Domains International

Nov 10, 2012 - Premium domain for sale

The domain, a premium domain and related two different categories (Energy and Art)
is for sale now by the fixed price of $2500.

Any offer can be sent to and we promise to reply to all offers even under that price.

To visit the temporary site for this domain, go to

Please note: despite to be only a domain yet (not a real web site) it is already a PR2 (Page Rank 2) given by Google. This page rank is similar to famous web sites already running on the Web. You can imagine how it ranked if someone build a real web site with it.

This domain is auctioned at with a starting bid of $200 at:

To see other industry domains, please click on the bannner below:

Banner Domains International

German Domains For Sale - Deutsch Domains für Verkauf

Want a domain bilingual English-German to create a website?
Möchten Sie eine Domain zweisprachige Englisch-Deutsch, um eine Website zu erstellen? 

Domains mit hohem Traffic monatlich:

Monatlicher Traffic: 488
Page views: 8631
Angebot machen: 1000-1500 €
Monatlicher Traffic: 512
Page views: 10611
Make Offer: 750-1000 €
Monatlicher Traffic: 356
Page views: 4354
Angebot machen: 500-750 €
Mounthly Verkehr: 523
Page views: 10,571
Angebot machen: 500-1000 €

Eine weitere Domäne (Deutsch) mit einer durchschnittlichen Verkehr: - Angebot machen +150 €, und bekam Umsatz im letzten Monat.

Alle Statistiken oben genannten sind vom letzten Okt.01 bis 01 November 2012 und kann durch Screenshot auf dem geparkten Website dokumentiert werden.

Alle Angebote werden berücksichtigt, aber bitte nur ernst zu bieten. Wir werden auf alle Nachrichten antworten. 

These domains are for sale at the Forum of Domain-People at
Diese Domains stehen zum Verkauf im Forum der Domain-People at

Sorry für mein Deutsch Fehler.

If you need to see other german domains, please click on banner below: 
Wenn Sie andere Deutsch Domains sehen müssen, klicken Sie bitte auf das Banner unten: 

Banner Domains International

Do you want to dance with your dating partner?

Sure, I want it.

Sure, i want it.

Maybe your hard job to find a serious dating domain finally let you own and enjoy these two beauties: and Going to Bido auction for the first of the two domains and the second directly to the url (temporary web site) you can get it for bargain prices.

Take this waltz and find your partner at:

To see other dating domains and women domains, please click on the banner below:

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Nov 9, 2012

More domains on Bido Auctions

Starting: 4 hours from now
Ending: November 13
Starting: 4 hours from now
Duration: 4 days (ending November 12)
Starting: 6 hours from now
Duration: 4 days (ending Nov. 13)
Starting: Tomorrow Nov. 10 at 1:25 pm EST
Ending: Nov. 14 at 1:25 pm EST
Duration: 4 days

Bids can be made before the auction starts. The url adress for each domain is under the auction details.



Domains auctioned on Bido Auctions

Domains International has some domains running on auction at
This is a list of domains actually on auction and incoming with details about starting and ending, starting bid and other details.


UYPU.COM (only 4L domains)
Started yesterday Nov. 1
Estimated time for Auction to end: 3 days 07 hours 22 mins (from now)
Starting Bid: $38
Reserve Price: 254 (but can be reduced during the auction that expires only 3 days later)
Buy It Now Price: US $1,125

SERIOUSDATE.ORG (A good dating name for a we site)
Started: a few days ago
Estimated time for Auction to end: 4 hours from now
Starting bid: $38
Reserve Price: $82
BIN: $575

NICEPARTY.NET (a special name for a wedding party web site)
Started: few days ago
Estimated time for Auction to end: 7 hours from now
Starting bid: $38
Reserve Price: $55
BIN: $83

These are the most urgent. If you are interested please go to the Bido web site and bid.  

Domains Listed for sale

The following list is a group of domains (from our portfolio), chosen by PerfectInvestments to be listed on its Newsletter:

Any contact to get one or more of these domains or even propose your own domains for sale, please email to Calvin Washington to or visiting the website at

Nov 8, 2012

List of domains by Nikhil Saraf

 and other domains (a list of around 12 domains) is for sale at

If you are interested to create a web site on the canine-food issue or other matters, please visit the referred webpage. This a chance to get an excellent domain.

To visit the special webpage of Nikhil Saraf (a professional domainer) click on the banner below:

Banner Nikhil Saraf Domains

Nov 4, 2012 a domain at auction on Bido

Despite being a domain yet it has more than 400 visitors monthly (much more than thousands or millions of websites), and some years ago was value by Estibot/Valuate with $27.000. Actually the value decreased to $1000 on the same source but there are apprasaild web sites that value this domain higher than $1000.

Other auction details:
Auction starts at 
November 4, 10:54 am EST (53 m from now)
Duration: 4 days
Ending auction: November 08,  10:54 am EST
Starting bid: $38
Reserve Price: $254
BIN: $500

To participate on the auction and bid, please go to this url:  



Nov 3, 2012

List of domains for sale - Localistore

Localistore list of domain names for sale is now available at

If you need to create your web site and didn´t find your favoutire name, try to find it on the Localistore list of domains.

Some examples:

and much more.

Banner Domains International

Nov 2, 2012

A list of bargain domains for sale

Do you need to create a web site or blog and want a good name that match with your brand products or company or personal interests.
All these domains are valued higher than $100 and some more than $500. You have a chance to buy one or more of these domains if you buy it during today until midnight EST. The offers must be send to or directly on the facebook page clicking at
LIST OF DOMAIN NAMES: only $50 for sale now.
Create an adult web site to review others and provide information on adults web sites. Get sponsorship and advertising relatively easy from other adult web sites.

Payment by PayPal today or tomorrow. This domains was already renewed for an year more (at Moniker).

Other domains at the same price: - $50 (initials of Your Domain Name MarketPlace) - $50 - $50 (green alternative)
faxlisting - $50 - $50 (Environment, ecosystem, saving species) - $50 - $50 (Countries, regions, peoples) - $50 (Music) - $50 (Insurance) - $50 (Entertainment, movida, a live city!) (coin collectibles) - $50 (shopping, business) - $50 - Sports, shopping) - $50 (icons on sports, celebrities, artists) - $50

Offers valid until midnight EST. Transfers made after money received until tomorrow.

Thank you for your participation.

If you want to see more domains in very different business areas, please click on the banner below:
Banner Domains International

Oct 30, 2012 is at aution after tomorrow is a domain interested to anyone who deal with snow sports and snow transports, snow products shopping and so on. is at an auction taken place next Novermber 01 at 11:00 AM EST and ending at 5:00 PM EST.

This auction will be announced with details at our Facebook web page which the address is :

This domain (according an India domainer), have no value for indian domainers as they say "there is no snow here and people even don´t know what Sled means in India".
However we never thought in India domainers when i thought to sell this domain. Everyone knows that India immigrants are by everywhere and millions do not live in India, some probably live in snow regions, a few of the are shoppers that sell mostly snow products. This domain is for them.

Banner Domains International

Halloween is coming...

Halloween is coming. Every year Evil likes to play with humans. Sometimes, their representation comes earlier than its night and the trail of death is visible everywhere.

Well, for those who like to play that night to exorcise their spirits and wake up alive the next day; For all who enjoy the fear and like to exorcise and put the spirits away, especially those living within us, we have a surprise for you.  
Tomorrow we will auction the domain
The auction can be viewed on our special page and bids can be sent by email to or as comments on our Facebook page, at

And now one more novelty: we will reduce the Reserve Price to $950, the starting bid is $35, the minimum of each bet is $50 and BIN is $ 1250.

The auction duration is 6 hours, beginning at 11:00 AM EST and ending at 05:00 PM EST.

Bonus extra:  

We will guarantee an award for the first bidder of $50 if the auction is successful. The amount will be deposited in the PayPal as soon as the transaction (if successful) has been completed.

Halloween is coming and we have a surprise!
Banner Halloween

Oct 29, 2012

Why you don´t like .de domains with english names?

This morning i spoken about how to start a website or blog and suggested you how you could find the domai that you want. 
This time i am addressing to german domainers and reccomended them a web site that it has a double interaction: an english/german speaking for educated german visitors. This domain it has a name that helps you to create an website that it is an excellent title to attract visitors and even sponsors. With this name you may build  an website and sell your services related with domains business like registration new domains, hosting and listing domains and even domains auctions. is valued by SEDO as $5100 and you can get the domain and all information on it at

Let me tell you some details (in german version) on the domain into Google results:

Ausgezeichnete Domäne für die Erstellung einer neuen Website in den Kategorien Internet, Web-Design und Web-Entwicklung.
Insgesamt ergibt sich Google Search: (fast 3 Millionen von Besuchern monatlich)

If you need a escrow service and a guarantee transaction take the link to the SEDO and buy it there. 

Bonus Offer (Coupon):
We will offer a 100€ to the first bidder if the auction is successful. 

Banner Domains International

Why do I need a domain?

The answer is simple but everything suggests that most Internet users do not know the mechanisms of construction of a website and many are unaware that must always start by acquiring a name for his website and this name is commonly called "domain name".
However this is the main question to be answered when it comes to building a web site. It begins with the roof or the structures in the background? Obviously you must get yourself down and get underneath with regard to creating a web site is adquririr a domain, whether a person (called professional domainer) or a company that trades with domains.
Then there are various ways to purchase a domain: You can opt for a website that is authorized by ICANN to accept registrations of a new web site and then try to get the name (domain) you want. If you do not find the name you want you can follow the instructions of the website by choosing one of their suggestions. For example, if looking for a domain that has the words "investment funds" and the website tells you that this name has already been purchased, it usually suggests similar names, such as fundswap or fundshow, domains that would cost more than $ 2000. If you do not express interest in acquiring a domain by this value, you must seek other routes.
The way forward is to seek other alternatives, some of which are much easier to obtain domains and also less expensive.

What alternatives?
Well, firstly there are thousands of professionals (domainers) who buy, sell and promote their domains.

Thousands of domainers are easily found in several groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, especially in these two social networks.
In these groups will not be difficult for an Internet user to make their own posting asking the various groups who possesses a domain that is associated with investment funds or similar.
However anyone interested in getting a name to create your own website or blog also has the opportunity to visit dozens of web sites freelancer or small business companies dealing with domains
Finally there is the issue of price and unless it is a large corporation, such matter is not secondary. If however if you want a name (domain) that can be associated with your business (investment funds or similar), then it is not difficult to get an agreement and the transaction is done within a day or two.

In the future we will talk about what can be considered expensive or a bargain in the business domain.

If you are interested to get a name (domain) and create your own web site or blog, click the banner below and choose the category of domains that better match with your business or personal interest.

Banner Domains International

Oct 27, 2012

How to Attract Customers With Facebook

If you have an online  business you need to attract customers to your site. Yes, of course. However you also need to create your professional or business web page on Facebook (after you create a profile page with your name). Then you need to know how to attract customers to your Facebook business page.

This ebook is totally free and you can download it here.

If you are interested to create your own web site for your business or personal use, click on the banner below to visit our web site and mainly the web page called "domains for sale" and choose the business that match with your interests.

Banner Domains International

Oct 20, 2012

Who are the vampires of the domain names industry? (Part II)

And what to do to fight this situation that is clearly harmful to the independent domainers or for those who run small businesses? 
Firstly, and as in all social movements in modern societies, it is imperative that domainers adopt a posture of dialogue and communication between them, trying to create networks of contacts (as already happens on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and others) and simultaneously seek to create a different model of cooperation that necessarily entails the creation of a specialized web site (as an association in real life) to facilitate such contacts, looking to join a large part of domainers who run small or independent businesses (such as a forum ), where it was possible to list domains for sale between the domainers who come to join and hold auctions at the same time, interviews, photos and videos expose, discuss the value of domains in assessment and other topics.This would be a natural way, so we would say, to face the big vested interests in this area of ​​business.

Another way, certainly more radical and would require on the part of domainers a strong awareness of the problem, would be to seek to register new domains on registrars cheaper and capable of ensuring a quality service rather than register them on the web sites of major registrars. Simultaneously domainers should first direct their investments (buying and selling domains) to other domainers associated rather than acquiring them, sometimes at much higher prices into web sites of companies belonging to the large interests in this market. Freedom would not be limited since in all cases the recommendation of a purchase or sale of domain would be just that - a recommendation, not a requirement, much less an imposition.
Of course there will be an Armageddon in this business as there will probably be in other areas of the world economy. This Armageddon, as all the History records, eliminate small and large letting all into the bankruptcy and poverty. And the higher you climb the greater you fall.But we believe that the two solutions proposed above, would be in itself a way to enable the direct negotiations between domainers and the small independent businesses (as it is largely made on Facebook and LinkedIn), avoiding to lost some of their profits (in the form of commissions) to major companies operating in the domain market.

Oct 18, 2012

Who are the vampires of the domain names industry?

For several years, or better said since the establishment of the Internet domains, the domain name industry is dominated by a few large corporations and corporate brokers that generally serve the greater interests, which almost monopolize the entire market.
It is not so difficult to identify these butchers (just to say the least): Generally are the big registrars and brokerage enterprises with large sums of money to spend on advertising and money to pay to their servants around the world. This is global too.
The domainers who work alone as independent, or the domainers who own a small business have huge difficulties of penetration into the market of domains as they have to face these empires and emperors. The argument is always the same: are the buyers who choose them because they have a large experience and a long history of big results.
Given this situation
that mimics the practices and strategies of the ultra-liberal and savage capitalism where  yuppies and crooks eating up everything and even the debris, with the complicity of rating agencies and a large number of propagandists. They try to destroy all of concurrency from independent domainer investors and small business domainers as rating agencies did with Lehman Brothers giving them a score of 10 when that company ended up going bankrupt within a few months.
The same applies to the domain industry. When some independent domainers and small businesses try to sell their domains usually have to face a wall of silence and indifference on the part of these great empires and their followers. If you have a proved valued domain with just one and if you don´t sell it easily it is because you are just a beginner and do not promote adequately the domain on the social networks or you don´t put the domain in their nest where they get big dividends in commissions and offering you less than a dollar in revenues. On the other hand they created a kind of network (like the spider does to hold and settle their victims), in which prospective buyers are encouraged to buy to them and not to an independent domainer or a small business. The argument here is also the same: security in the transaction, the escrow service that they say, gives guarantees to the buyer much more than direct negotiations between a buyer and a seller.

The truth however is that between a domain with just one and some of their domains that does not mean anything (in terms of dictionary nor even for business purposes), they still are selling their domains of shit, preventing the buyer could acquire to an independent seller a domain more beneficial economically. Just because the buyer is sensitive to advertising and the money that these companies boast (just go to some social networks and watch as they explode with joy exposing their new models of famous brands of cars and luxury homes).'Cause life favors them. Like an old romantic postcard, everything is perfect and according to the divine will.

Read the part II tomorrow.

Banner Domains International

Oct 17, 2012

What to do if you need to create a web site on horror theme

Yes, if you need to create your own web site on the horror theme. You could publish most of the available information (articles, photos, videos, movie trailers, interviews with actors and actresses, producers, filmmakers, reviews of movies and even your sponsors advertising).

As the owners of the domain (a premium and two dictionary words domain) you can visit the temporary web site of this domain and if interested you can buy it or make an offer to us through the email or clicking the top right of the site over the price. This will open a form and you just fill it and send to us. We are open to negotiate on a serious offer basis.

Kindly call your attention:
This domain is on auction today Wednesday Oct. 17 at 11:00 AM EST during just 5 hours. If you want to participate you will be welcome and please click on the banner below to go to the special web page VideoHorror.html where you can see details of the auction, price of starting bid, minimum bid and also details on the domnain itself (appraisals, Google Search Results and much more).

Thank you.

Halloween is coming and we have a surprise!
Banner Halloween