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Aug 23, 2012

What are Domain Name Servers?

When you open a new Internet page and you type in your website address do you ever wonder what goes on to ensure that you are taken to your desired site?


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If you are someone interested to do some business at home and make money in a creative and productive way, choose to buy domains like this one very appropriate for the India domainers to manage domains and make some business. 

This domain is for sale. See the details clicking on the top of the above link.

Expedia Australia

How to start an oil industry web site?

Working in the petroleum industry provides a high paying career and exciting opportunities for employment throughout the world. The need for trained operators and technicians continues to increase as oil and gas production volumes and reserve estimates have increased significantly in North Dakota and in the Bakken region. This *online program is designed to provide students with a broad background to operate and maintain the equipment used in the oil extraction and services industry in a safe and responsible manner. Graduates will have the foundation to enter the industry in a number of capacities.


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PLEASE NOTE: If you need to start an oil industry web site, please contact us. The domain above is for sale (see it following the link above).
This domain has a PR2 and more than 400 page views monthly and it is only a domain yet, not a web site. If you take this or other oil industry domain you may benefit from the visitors and ranking they already have regularly.
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Aug 17, 2012

How to sell domains to buyers who are not domainers

Well, there is not only one but maybe dozens of recipes. However the first thing we have to do is open our web sites and blogs to Internet users and businessmen that has nothing to do with domain industry but want to have their own web sites.

The famous recipe and worn out "domain for sale" is almost decomposed so much use was given to it. The social networks and especially the groups of domainers are filled with this
recipe that has worked well in the past but is now old and outdated. Like other businessmen and entrepreneurs of different areas, the domainers urgently needs to be open to other businesses, interact with them, make them understand that a domain is not just a virtual real estate but something that can give them big dividends.

However to reach buyers (whatever your business or someone looking for a web site name), is required to take a break with propaganda and instead make a balanced, informative and thoughtful marketing, which simply means more work and more work hours and mainly more detailed information about the domain or domains you want to sell.

Finally, it is necessary to leave or diminish our action among domainers (and some are so unreachable and difficult that it is more difficult to interact with them than having an audience with the Queen of England) and increase our action in all business areas. We left here an example: If we have one domain or multiple domains on health category (women's health, medications, menopause, aging, childhood diseases, etc..), we have to try to promote our domain or domains with health professionals, health centers, hospitals, etc.. namely through their respective groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, in Pinterest, Twitter and others.

Play the gong "Hi, this domain is for sale" is no longer a formula for selling domains but only useless propaganda, most of it directed specifically for professionals working in the domain market. The prospective buyers of domains (outside the world of domainers) did not even hear them and make a deaf ear to their blows to the gong. 

The Place to Talk, Buy and Sell Domains!

Domains Market - What are you doing to improve it?

The question above is very constant for all who deal daily with the business domains.

In order to obtain an opinion shared by most domainerswe carried out the questionnaire (with the invaluable help of SurveyMonkey) that you can easily get by clicking the following link:

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Aug 16, 2012

Who to Follow on Twitter to Maximize Business Potential?

This article was provided by Steve at, a marketing agency who aims to help you grow Twitter Followers UK

Most new users who sign up for a Twitter account will ask questions about hashtags, @ signs and whom to follow. These questions are all valid and one can only progress in the Twitter world when in sync with the system. Following people is the first step towards being an active member on this particular platform.

Joining sites such as Twitter and Facebook require a certain level of dedication. These social networking sites are not simplistic when it comes to attracting followers. Getting the account off the ground with your first set of followers is difficult without guidance. At times, not only is it difficult attracting followers, but following people becomes a tough exercise. One does not know whom to follow and whom to avoid.

There are steps to making the process easier for new users. A question one should ask prior to signing up is whether this account is necessary. Will it push the business forward or be a waste of time? Are there enough people on Twitter who will be interested in your product or services? These are all questions that should arise prior to making that account and going down the path of social networking. If you decide to go ahead with making an account, it is pertinent to follow people related to your business. For example, if one is running a technology centric business, it is best to follow people from the same field. This will attract other followers who might hop on over to your account and read what it is all about.

The easiest manner of finding new people to follow on Twitter is through hashtags. Simply, search for people through particular hashtags and begin following them. If they are interested in you, they will follow your account. This is how one can begin to entice followers to their business account. Remember to always focus on the most appropriate hashtags as attracting unnecessary and unhelpful followers is a waste of your time.

In the beginning, it is like an addiction and users begin following everything that moves or breathes. This is not the right way to go about things as it will simply clutter up your account and make it harder to navigate. Learn to pick and choose who you follow and watch the results become more positive in nature.

Follow this strict set of instructions and watch things flourish.

1) Do not give leeway to spammers and others who are looking to simply get clicks to external links. They will purely spam all day hoping for someone to click their links. Avoid these individuals like the plague.

2) Follow those who have similar interests as you and your business. These are the type of individuals that deserve your attention and will benefit your business. Due to their similar interests, you will be able to easily engage with them and potentially find new consumers.

Always focus on having this set of requirements in hand when you are looking for followers. Twitter has a lot to offer for businesses, but to only those who use it in an intelligent manner. Do not become flooded by spammers and unhelpful followers.

Always keep your own profile interesting and attractive. The 'Twitter egg' is not the image that should be donning your profile page. Put a business logo or something similar in place in order for followers to recognize you from the others.

'Twitter egg' profiles also indicate a member who is not as active. Do not follow these individuals as they will simply bog down your account and just be a number. The goal is to find quality followers and not just look for quantity.

When you have determined a criterion for what you are looking for, Twitter becomes much easier to navigate.

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Aug 10, 2012

Business and Finance Domains. A new blog

Today we created a new blog just for helping those that just need to find business and finance domains, not other kind of domains.

The blog can be visited at

Aug 9, 2012

Are you a college basketball player or a fan?

Well, we are the owners of the domain name
a nice domain for you to create a web site with this title and name.
If you are interest or just want to take a look, go to:

The domain (and temporary web site) are developed with features like YouTube (where you can see some videos related with college basketball games), twitter, articles, information and other features.

Price is negotiable but not expensive as we respect the economical situation of students.

Ezi Sports

How to Manage Your Website

A website like any other activity will have three key tasks which include designing the website, updating the website and promoting the website Setting up a website is an exciting activity but maintaining it requires skill and knowledge. An organization's website is supposed to work towards better profits for. Having a website is a great achievement but what you do with it is what matters. There are several things that you need to consider when managing your website.

Designing the website

The greatest challenge is to develop a website that takes into account the needs of both the organization and the clients. Getting the right person to design a web site is not a problem since these services are readily available. Having a website that the clients cannot make use of is not useful at all, you therefore need to make clients part of the design process to ensure that all their needs are taken care of. After all they are the ones that the website is being designed for.

Updating the website

A website is not like a brochure therefore it can be updated to show new products and services. The greatest challenge is the lack of the right personnel and expertise to update the website. Adding new texts, products and photos can be such a challenge if you do not have the necessary expertise. You can agree with the original web designer to be updating the website from time to time and can also have someone within the organization to be trained on updating the website should it be required. This gives the organization some flexibility since new things can be updated immediately should they arise. It is also possible to work within a budget. Keeping every product and information updated on the website in good time gives great results and ensures that the website is kept busy as well as fresh and interesting.

Promoting the website

Another challenge in website management is the task of making the website work for the organization. Having a beautiful looking website with no traffic does not do anything good for the organization. The expertise of creating this traffic is needed. Search engine optimization and submissions need some expertise and experience. There are also other tasks such as newsletter editing, mailing list maintenance and reciprocal linking that are essential in making the website more beneficial. These duties are however not part of the work assigned to the original web designer. The solution to this problem is outsourcing these services. There are many companies offering these services. Having a member of staff trained on this or even contacting the original web designer to help with these tasks may also be considered potential solutions. It can also be learned through e books, online tutorials and newsletters. These three tasks are considered the most important in website management and also the most challenging. Making the website work for the organization is what the website was meant for in the first place. Being two or more steps ahead helps take care of any problem before it comes up.

Article written by Abbas Hussain
SEO Engineer at Integrity SEO Experts

Aug 8, 2012

Adoption Mothers

Care Center, A Relief for birthmothers and love couples

Today’s generation of people is very fast. It is noted that most of the females get pregnant in their earlier ages. Now to become safe from their parents and other societal people, most of the women think for placing an adoption of children. The decision of placing an adoption of children by women due to pregnancy is not the only reason.

Read the entire article and many others on adoption mothers at

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Aug 7, 2012

Women´s Gloves

Add New Attractive Feature to the Whole Personality Long Leather Gloves The gloves protect the hands the same way shoes or footwear protects our feet The long leather gloves are made for different purposes so as to provide specific types of protection to the hands...

Read this and other articles on the theme at Women´s Gloves

Aug 6, 2012

Free #PinterestDay Ebook: How to Use Pinterest for Business

Join the #PinterestDay celebration by downloading and sharing this free ebook by HubSpot. What's #PinterestDay? On August 6th, marketers together will learn and celebrate the hidden treasures Pinterest offers our marketing strategies. Celebrate in style by reading this ebook and learning how to increase traffic, leads and sales by reaching more than 11 million people on Pinterest.

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Free #PinterestDay Ebook: How to Use Pinterest for Business 

New Google PageRank Update – Why You Should Care

Written by on August 6, 2012

PageRank Update

I suspected a PageRank update had taken place a couple of days ago when I noticed that both of my sites were displaying new data. It turns out I was right.

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Aug 5, 2012

Read it at DN Journal

Today in The Lowdown: Sedo broker Dave Evanson just posted on his Facebook page that he has wrapped up a $118,000 sale of for the popular domain sales venue. Dave has rung up many sales at this level but I'm sure it never gets old for him or Sedo!

Domains for sale on Sedo
To see our entire portfolio listed on SEDO, please follow the link.

Our new photo profile at Google+ Web Page

See our new profile photo at Google+ Web Page and read other articles here:

Why Instagram is Great for Your Business

The key to a successful marketing campaign is to connect with your audience.  This means that if your customers enjoy a particular activity you should be putting your message in front of them – in a manner that they are happy to receive.  Instagram is the mobile phone photography application that demystifies photo editing and is fastest growing (and the most fun) of the social networks available.
Originally launched in October 2010, it was for iPhone users only, more recently, in April of this year 2012, Android phones were already able to make use of it as well. Indeed its popularity has grown tremendously since it was first introduced to the public because of its amazing fusion of photography and social media via the utilization of mobile phones. Thus, such fusion has greatly influenced how business is done today.

Is it worth it for a business though?
Well a lot obviously depends on your niche, and the product that you are selling.  If you are looking for brand awareness then it’s a certainty, with 80million users and a very fast growing user base it’s a good place to be.  For direct sales it’s a little more difficult to make a hard sell, as you can’t have external links in the images and – as with all social networks commercialisation is frowned upon. 

Making Your Instagram Marketing Plan

Of course there are also things that you need to consider when posting pictures. You have to ask yourself first what your goal is. This will help you decide on what to post and how to reach out to your target market. The next steps you ought to take will depend on how people react to your posts.

It is very important for you to have a sustainable marketing plan in order to achieve your goal. So based on your objectives, you should come up with a marketing plan that suits your target audience. You can create hashtags, for instance, which you can employ for your products and services.

Select what you want to focus on in the process. A big part of this is brand development. If you know what to concentrate on, you can carefully build your brand, push your products and services, and acquire fan-generated content.

One example that you can follow is that of Ben & Jerry or Sharpie. They have made use of Instagram to promote their brands by taking snapshots of their road shows and events and posting these for others to see. They also regularly post photos of new products. At the same time, they have allowed people to participate actively through taking and posting pictures related to their brand and also through contests. They use brand hashtags to encourage their fans to do these things and to spread the word about them as well.
A Personal Approach

If you take a look at Instagram, it appears on the surface just like any other social networking provider. You can view the profile wherein the username is included along with the photo's age, captions, comments, and likes. This way, there is more interaction encouraged in the process which builds rapport and relationship. These are, after all, essential in business.

Using Instagram for your business is more on a personal level, wherein you get to interact with potential customers or clients through comments, likes, tags, and posts. You get to maximize Internet marketing also because you have easy access to a range of social networks. What's more, because you are mainly using your mobile phone, it is much easier to be "in touch" even if you are constantly on the go. Your updates will matter a lot so that people can always find something new about your business and will keep coming back to your page. Definitely, Instagram will drive good traffic to your account and even to your website.

Making the Most of Snapshots

It is much easier to take photos from your mobile phone's built-in camera and to post it on Instagram. Most cameras now have various features effects that you can utilize such as zooming in and out, cropping capabilities, and colour splashes.

Cameras have become a main stay of cellular phones because people around the world have gotten accustomed to taking pictures wherever they are. Mobile cameras provide great convenience, which is why taking these snapshots has turned out to be the third on the list of common cell phone activities. Studies show that almost a billion photos have already been taken with Instagram and around 58 of these photos are uploaded every single second. The great thing about this app too is that you can instantly post the pictures on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flicker. You can even get the chance to connect with foursquare and also to indicate the location of the photo and tag it too. Hence, such a modern feature is very helpful in any business where people need plenty of visuals for their interest to be piqued.

There are really great benefits to using Instagram for your business. You just have to think carefully of lay out the marketing plan that will guide you along the way as your business grows and brings in bigger profits.

Steve writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help purchase your Instagram likes and Instagram profile artificially.

Aug 2, 2012

Are you thinking to buy an EV domain?

EVProviders is a name with about 7,160,000 results on Google search.

Providers EV refers to all types of providers electric vehicles, batteries and stations for providing electrical power. This is an area with great importance in creating a web site with this name because it allows not only the sale of products related to the theme (electric vehicles), but also with the same advertising related.

Read more about EV (electric vehicles) at  (domain for sale)

Sure Aqua - Portable Water Filter

Aug 1, 2012

How often do you Visit your Dentist?

Frequent visits to the dentist may be the key towards perfect oral health.

Read more at (domain for sale)

Sure Aqua - Portable Water Filter

Do you really know how to start a web site?

Most Internet users (even many who already have their own web site), continues to ignore how a website is born.
To this simple question "how to create a web site?" the natural response is to do it or providing a web designer to do so.
But the majority ignores that to create a web site, you must first acquire a name for your web site which means buying a domain, register it, host it and start building the web site or ask a web desgner to run the web site you want.
If for example you have a garden and are concerned with the various pests that invade your garden, you will probably find a name like "gardenpests" or similar.

Domains International is a project online located at, working for several years into the domains market, buying, selling and monetizing domains, which are parked or hosted on various web sites such as Godaddy, Dynadot , Afternic, DomainApps, BuyDomains and others.

If you express interest in acquiring a domain do not hesitate to contact us at http://www.domainsinternational or through our blog

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