Oct 30, 2012 is at aution after tomorrow is a domain interested to anyone who deal with snow sports and snow transports, snow products shopping and so on. is at an auction taken place next Novermber 01 at 11:00 AM EST and ending at 5:00 PM EST.

This auction will be announced with details at our Facebook web page which the address is :

This domain (according an India domainer), have no value for indian domainers as they say "there is no snow here and people even don´t know what Sled means in India".
However we never thought in India domainers when i thought to sell this domain. Everyone knows that India immigrants are by everywhere and millions do not live in India, some probably live in snow regions, a few of the are shoppers that sell mostly snow products. This domain is for them.

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Halloween is coming...

Halloween is coming. Every year Evil likes to play with humans. Sometimes, their representation comes earlier than its night and the trail of death is visible everywhere.

Well, for those who like to play that night to exorcise their spirits and wake up alive the next day; For all who enjoy the fear and like to exorcise and put the spirits away, especially those living within us, we have a surprise for you.  
Tomorrow we will auction the domain
The auction can be viewed on our special page and bids can be sent by email to or as comments on our Facebook page, at

And now one more novelty: we will reduce the Reserve Price to $950, the starting bid is $35, the minimum of each bet is $50 and BIN is $ 1250.

The auction duration is 6 hours, beginning at 11:00 AM EST and ending at 05:00 PM EST.

Bonus extra:  

We will guarantee an award for the first bidder of $50 if the auction is successful. The amount will be deposited in the PayPal as soon as the transaction (if successful) has been completed.

Halloween is coming and we have a surprise!
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Oct 29, 2012

Why you don´t like .de domains with english names?

This morning i spoken about how to start a website or blog and suggested you how you could find the domai that you want. 
This time i am addressing to german domainers and reccomended them a web site that it has a double interaction: an english/german speaking for educated german visitors. This domain it has a name that helps you to create an website that it is an excellent title to attract visitors and even sponsors. With this name you may build  an website and sell your services related with domains business like registration new domains, hosting and listing domains and even domains auctions. is valued by SEDO as $5100 and you can get the domain and all information on it at

Let me tell you some details (in german version) on the domain into Google results:

Ausgezeichnete Domäne für die Erstellung einer neuen Website in den Kategorien Internet, Web-Design und Web-Entwicklung.
Insgesamt ergibt sich Google Search: (fast 3 Millionen von Besuchern monatlich)

If you need a escrow service and a guarantee transaction take the link to the SEDO and buy it there. 

Bonus Offer (Coupon):
We will offer a 100€ to the first bidder if the auction is successful. 

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Why do I need a domain?

The answer is simple but everything suggests that most Internet users do not know the mechanisms of construction of a website and many are unaware that must always start by acquiring a name for his website and this name is commonly called "domain name".
However this is the main question to be answered when it comes to building a web site. It begins with the roof or the structures in the background? Obviously you must get yourself down and get underneath with regard to creating a web site is adquririr a domain, whether a person (called professional domainer) or a company that trades with domains.
Then there are various ways to purchase a domain: You can opt for a website that is authorized by ICANN to accept registrations of a new web site and then try to get the name (domain) you want. If you do not find the name you want you can follow the instructions of the website by choosing one of their suggestions. For example, if looking for a domain that has the words "investment funds" and the website tells you that this name has already been purchased, it usually suggests similar names, such as fundswap or fundshow, domains that would cost more than $ 2000. If you do not express interest in acquiring a domain by this value, you must seek other routes.
The way forward is to seek other alternatives, some of which are much easier to obtain domains and also less expensive.

What alternatives?
Well, firstly there are thousands of professionals (domainers) who buy, sell and promote their domains.

Thousands of domainers are easily found in several groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, especially in these two social networks.
In these groups will not be difficult for an Internet user to make their own posting asking the various groups who possesses a domain that is associated with investment funds or similar.
However anyone interested in getting a name to create your own website or blog also has the opportunity to visit dozens of web sites freelancer or small business companies dealing with domains
Finally there is the issue of price and unless it is a large corporation, such matter is not secondary. If however if you want a name (domain) that can be associated with your business (investment funds or similar), then it is not difficult to get an agreement and the transaction is done within a day or two.

In the future we will talk about what can be considered expensive or a bargain in the business domain.

If you are interested to get a name (domain) and create your own web site or blog, click the banner below and choose the category of domains that better match with your business or personal interest.

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Oct 27, 2012

How to Attract Customers With Facebook

If you have an online  business you need to attract customers to your site. Yes, of course. However you also need to create your professional or business web page on Facebook (after you create a profile page with your name). Then you need to know how to attract customers to your Facebook business page.

This ebook is totally free and you can download it here.

If you are interested to create your own web site for your business or personal use, click on the banner below to visit our web site and mainly the web page called "domains for sale" and choose the business that match with your interests.

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Oct 20, 2012

Who are the vampires of the domain names industry? (Part II)

And what to do to fight this situation that is clearly harmful to the independent domainers or for those who run small businesses? 
Firstly, and as in all social movements in modern societies, it is imperative that domainers adopt a posture of dialogue and communication between them, trying to create networks of contacts (as already happens on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and others) and simultaneously seek to create a different model of cooperation that necessarily entails the creation of a specialized web site (as an association in real life) to facilitate such contacts, looking to join a large part of domainers who run small or independent businesses (such as a forum ), where it was possible to list domains for sale between the domainers who come to join and hold auctions at the same time, interviews, photos and videos expose, discuss the value of domains in assessment and other topics.This would be a natural way, so we would say, to face the big vested interests in this area of ​​business.

Another way, certainly more radical and would require on the part of domainers a strong awareness of the problem, would be to seek to register new domains on registrars cheaper and capable of ensuring a quality service rather than register them on the web sites of major registrars. Simultaneously domainers should first direct their investments (buying and selling domains) to other domainers associated rather than acquiring them, sometimes at much higher prices into web sites of companies belonging to the large interests in this market. Freedom would not be limited since in all cases the recommendation of a purchase or sale of domain would be just that - a recommendation, not a requirement, much less an imposition.
Of course there will be an Armageddon in this business as there will probably be in other areas of the world economy. This Armageddon, as all the History records, eliminate small and large letting all into the bankruptcy and poverty. And the higher you climb the greater you fall.But we believe that the two solutions proposed above, would be in itself a way to enable the direct negotiations between domainers and the small independent businesses (as it is largely made on Facebook and LinkedIn), avoiding to lost some of their profits (in the form of commissions) to major companies operating in the domain market.

Oct 18, 2012

Who are the vampires of the domain names industry?

For several years, or better said since the establishment of the Internet domains, the domain name industry is dominated by a few large corporations and corporate brokers that generally serve the greater interests, which almost monopolize the entire market.
It is not so difficult to identify these butchers (just to say the least): Generally are the big registrars and brokerage enterprises with large sums of money to spend on advertising and money to pay to their servants around the world. This is global too.
The domainers who work alone as independent, or the domainers who own a small business have huge difficulties of penetration into the market of domains as they have to face these empires and emperors. The argument is always the same: are the buyers who choose them because they have a large experience and a long history of big results.
Given this situation
that mimics the practices and strategies of the ultra-liberal and savage capitalism where  yuppies and crooks eating up everything and even the debris, with the complicity of rating agencies and a large number of propagandists. They try to destroy all of concurrency from independent domainer investors and small business domainers as rating agencies did with Lehman Brothers giving them a score of 10 when that company ended up going bankrupt within a few months.
The same applies to the domain industry. When some independent domainers and small businesses try to sell their domains usually have to face a wall of silence and indifference on the part of these great empires and their followers. If you have a proved valued domain with just one and if you don´t sell it easily it is because you are just a beginner and do not promote adequately the domain on the social networks or you don´t put the domain in their nest where they get big dividends in commissions and offering you less than a dollar in revenues. On the other hand they created a kind of network (like the spider does to hold and settle their victims), in which prospective buyers are encouraged to buy to them and not to an independent domainer or a small business. The argument here is also the same: security in the transaction, the escrow service that they say, gives guarantees to the buyer much more than direct negotiations between a buyer and a seller.

The truth however is that between a domain with just one and some of their domains that does not mean anything (in terms of dictionary nor even for business purposes), they still are selling their domains of shit, preventing the buyer could acquire to an independent seller a domain more beneficial economically. Just because the buyer is sensitive to advertising and the money that these companies boast (just go to some social networks and watch as they explode with joy exposing their new models of famous brands of cars and luxury homes).'Cause life favors them. Like an old romantic postcard, everything is perfect and according to the divine will.

Read the part II tomorrow.

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Oct 17, 2012

What to do if you need to create a web site on horror theme

Yes, if you need to create your own web site on the horror theme. You could publish most of the available information (articles, photos, videos, movie trailers, interviews with actors and actresses, producers, filmmakers, reviews of movies and even your sponsors advertising).

As the owners of the domain (a premium and two dictionary words domain) you can visit the temporary web site of this domain and if interested you can buy it or make an offer to us through the email or clicking the top right of the site over the price. This will open a form and you just fill it and send to us. We are open to negotiate on a serious offer basis.

Kindly call your attention:
This domain is on auction today Wednesday Oct. 17 at 11:00 AM EST during just 5 hours. If you want to participate you will be welcome and please click on the banner below to go to the special web page VideoHorror.html where you can see details of the auction, price of starting bid, minimum bid and also details on the domnain itself (appraisals, Google Search Results and much more).

Thank you.

Halloween is coming and we have a surprise!
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Oct 16, 2012 auction starts today for one-day only!

Let me remember the auction of today (Tuesday) at 11:00 AM EST for the domain

A premium domain and a good opportunity for those domainers and end users related with categories such as philanthropy or donations for supporting children and wants to create a website on the theme. The auction details can be obtained at The auction occurs in several places which means bidders may bid in different ways like email (, by skype (username: domainshouse) or commenting on facebook web page where we ll stay for the 5 hours of duration of the auction.

Accepting Text link or Banner ads...Cheap prices.

The text link ads and banners on our web site always deserve the top right of the pages as you could prove it at the url (see at the top right of the site)
Prices are at the range of $5 to $25 monthly but we are open to negotiate lower prices.
As our web site is divided in more than 70 pages (most of them related with different areas of business, the advertiser can choose the page where he/she needs to place the ad.

inLinks.comFor any contact, please email to or contact us by Skype via the username: domainshouse. If you need to contact and talk privately on Facebook, please go to and open your chat with us.

Oct 13, 2012

Building A Website From Scratch

Building a website from scratch can be a complex prospect if it is something you have never really done before and you are not sure what you are doing. However, in a world where having a web presence is basically essential to be taken seriously in business, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to create a website for yourself. If this happens, there are a number of things you will need to consider before you start actively trying to construct a website. The more organization and clarity you have before you begin, the more likely you are to have a successful finished product.

Here are the most important things to consider:

What domain name do I want to register? A domain name is your web address, a string of characters followed by .com, .net, .org or a variety of other potential instructions. The name of your domain should be clear, easy to spell, and be related to your name, the name of your business and the project you are working on. 

What hosting company do I want to use? A good hosting company will register a domain name for you and help you propogate it to their servers, meaning that the data that you place on their servers will be visible to anyone who goes to your web address. 

 What kind of hosting package do I want? This depends on the nature of your website and the files you will want to host on the site. If it is just a resume or contact page, a small hosting package will do, but if you expect major web traffic and a lot of files, consider a larger hosting package. 

What is my site about? Is it a resume or contact page? Am I selling a product? This determines the way that your website will be structured and if you will be able to use a content management system like WordPress or Joomla to create a design for you. 

What programming languages do I know? Even knowing a bit of HTML and CSS is a good starting point for building a website from scratch, but it is helpful to also know PHP and Javascript to build a more modernized and streamlined site. If you feel like a content management system won't work for you and you cannot learn a programming language, you may need a programmer to handle this aspect of the site. 

Can I design my own graphics? If you are proficient with Photoshop or another imaging program, making graphics for your site may be a breeze. You can teach yourself using tutorials if you are so inclined, but if you feel like the effort would be fruitless, a graphic designer will come in handy. 

Do I have content ready for my site? Whether or not your content is coded in any form, having the data you want to be present on your site ready to go before you start the project will make the overall construction of the site go faster. This includes text, contact information, downloadable files and photos. 

When you have chosen a domain name, a hosting site, a hosting package and have readied your content, you can determine whether a content management system, or CMS, would work for your needs. A CMS allows you to make individual content pages that are linked from an initial page which functions as a blog for updating your website. Your host likely has the option to automatically install these systems for free using your control panel, which is a feature you should take advantage of if you feel like a Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or other content management based site could work for your needs. 

If you are selling a product and as such are designing an eCommerce site, check with your webhost regarding the methods necessary to install a commerce gateway on your site. You may be able to do this without your host using a Business Premier PayPal account, but it is always best to check with your web host before proceeding.

About the Author
Jo Harris is a writer and the Outreach Director for the Morgan Law Firm, a firm that represents clients going through a Divorce in Austin divorce firm. See additional articles on the firm's Austin Divorce Blog.

If you need to create a web site with the title for supporting american citizens suffered from Medical Malpractice
click the banner below and get the details about the domain and the purchase.

Oct 9, 2012 is underway for a new auction

 is a domain (web site parked at at that will be auctioned next October 18 at 11:00 AM EST.

This domain had a Page Rank of 3 on Google and thousands of backlinks (even if not developed as a web site yet).

To see the details of this auction please take a look at
Holland Oil Web Page

Click on the banner below if you want to participate on the auction

Oct 6, 2012 a new domain auction next October 17

Video a 2-words premium domain with more than 600.000.000 results on Google Search and valued by SEDO of $4,000, it will be on auction next October 17 at 11:00 AM EST.
This is a domain that may interest horror web master, horror producers and filmmakers and even horror fans, to build an ecommerce horror videos web site.
The event will occur online in various web places such as at the VideoHorror Web Page,  also on Skype (connect to username: domainshouse) and at Facebook WebPage.

Invitations to participate massively on this event will be sent very soon to professional web masters, horror movies celebrities and video horror fans through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg and Twitter.
For the details see below.

Bonus offer:
The first 5 bidders will receive a video horror movie no matter if none of them do not win the auction.

Checkout discounts and promotions Today!

Oct 4, 2012


Domains International invites all professional domainers to participate in the philanthropic auction of the domain "" The auction begins at 11:00 AM EST and ends at 04:00 PM EST the same day. The first bid is $100 and the minimum bid is $75.00, and the BIN of $25,000. Part of the results of the auction (whatever the amount reached), ie 75% will be delivered to the organization "Save the Children", which was already informed about this initiative. However we´re invited you to participate in the auction or to convey your sympathy and solidarity for the event, some of them associated with some celebrities to philanthropy, such as Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Garner, Mia Farrow, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Sylvester Stallone and others.

Oct 3, 2012

Open letter to "Save the Children" organization

Dear Sirs

I also tried to leave a message to you on Facebook (your page) but think that something happened and the message and the message did not appear.

Well, we are professional domainers and act on domain market (which help to create future web sites).

We regularly run auctions for domains instead of just proceeding to listing them for sale.
On October 16th at 11:00 AM EST we will organize a special auction whose revenue by about 75% will be aimed entirely at your organization, now known to many of our visitors and colleagues through the AdWase ads that we are promoting and redirecting to your web site (see the banner at

Since we are using the name of your organization and despite our intentions being honest and seriously interested to support your organization, we wanted to get your permission to use your name in this initiative
because this way certainly we will respect your own regulations and directives.

The domain on auction ( is an excellent name for a future web site for donation purposes and the buyer could open an web site with this name and get many visitors and certainly many donors very fast. Of course there are several web sites with the same name but none of them is a pure and clear web site. As Google results documented, many of them are just sub-domains or sub-web sites not a 2-words easily remembered as the GoldenFoundation web site.

You can see details of this auction at the donations web page into our web site at and details on the domain auctioned at

Finally we would like to inform you that we trying to contact personally some American celebrities like Julianne Moore, Ben Stiller and some others to join us on this auction and participate on it bidding and contributing for a very succeed event to help children through your organization.

Hoping a reply from you very soon and thanking all your attention,

With our best regards
Carlos Martins
Owner of
Domains International

If you want to access our donations web page, please click the banner below:

Oct 1, 2012

Invitation to American Celebrities - Charity Domain Auction

Domains international is promoting a charity auction of the domain on the next October 16, starting at 11:00 AM EST and ending 04:00 PM EST.
This online organization is inviting american celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Wills, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst and others to join this auction and contribute to support this auction whose main goal is to help te "Save the Children" orgaization with 75% of the funds obtained with the auction.

The domain is on auction just a few hours, starting at 11:00 am EST and ending 04:00 pm EST of the same day. The bids must be emailed to or through a comment on the Facebook page of this organization at or also via Skype (username: domainshouse), using IM or the calling service (Skype to phone). The bids will be announced on Facebook and Skype as soon they arrived. Anonymity is permitted, sending only the email for further contacts.

The auction will start with the initial value of $100 (starting bid) with no reserve price (RP) and the minimum bid of $75. The Buy It Now price is $25,000.<br>
The winner will be notified immediately and the transfer of the domain starts immediately according instructions from the winner.<br>
Money resulted of this auction will be donated under the following basis: 75% for the organization, 30% for Domains International to keep funding charity organizations like "Save the Children".<br>
Any details of this special charity auction can be found on the web site of Domains International at Click on the banner below.